How Mortgage Professionals Can Use Facebook for Networking

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Seamlessly grow your network in this hyper-connected world. As a modern mortgage professional in this hyper-connected world, you’re probably always looking for ways to expand your social media presence and grow your business. But where to begin? In a time of TikTok trends and Instagram Reels, social media altogether might feel a bit overwhelming.   Our advice? Dedicate most of … Read More

Prioritizing Borrower Education During the Mortgage Process

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More than one-third of borrowers are insecure in their knowledge of personal finance. As a mortgage loan originator (MLO), you have a unique responsibility when it comes to guiding borrowers through the mortgage process. Of course, you know that your role goes beyond simply securing financing. But you also have ample opportunity to empower clients by prioritizing borrower education. In … Read More

Answering Common Borrower Questions: “What Is a Pre-Approval?”

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Your answers can inspire, educate, and empower borrowers. For many borrowers, a pre-approval might seem a lot more intense than it actually is. After all, the average client may not know that they can typically be pre-approved even with low credit, that a pre-approval letter doesn’t lock them in with one specific lender, or even what makes a pre-approval different … Read More