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wemlo is pioneering the contract processing industry by directly connecting brokers with the nation's largest processing network.

Our contract processing offers unparalleled speed, security, and efficiency, allowing MLOs to increase productivity, manage bigger pipelines and grow their business to levels that were never before possible.


Best-in-class technology.

wemlo streamlines the entire workflow of the mortgage transaction, starting by providing access to an all-in-one platform.


Our Story

Industry expert and mortgage innovator, David Rogove, experienced firsthand the short falls of mortgage processing and technology. While sharing his passion to reshape an industry with Steven Gelley, who had established himself as a leader in the emerging cloud services space, their passion was ignited and wemlo was formed.






Why wemlo?

An industry ripe for change, wemlo started with the goal to provide MLOs a transparent processing solution with a strong technology foundation.


Fixing a broken system

With a keen eye for innovation, David and Steve embarked on the journey to reshape another industry. The mortgage processing space was archaic with fragmented technology, outdated processing methods and a complete lack of transparency. This combination could have been detrimental to the survival of an industry. They were determined to make a change and to provide an MLO or mortgage broker the tools needed to grow their business.

Having a complete understanding of the landscape of mortgage broker technology, wemlo has become the most robust technology solution a mortgage broker has experienced to date.

wemlo has a strong belief that the leader in wholesale mortgage processing is required to defragment the technology while providing an agnostic processing platform.

“we are


an industry”

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