Don’t Just Ride the Wave: How to Be Successful No Matter What the Mortgage Industry Does

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Whether you’re new to the mortgage industry or have been in business for a while, you surely know one thing—it is nothing if not unpredictable. While it can be exciting to ride the wave when the industry is thriving, it’s also important to think of your long-term strategy for continued success during the unavoidable mini-dips and booms. Here’s how to … Read More

Choosing the Best Mortgage Origination Software

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As a mortgage broker or loan originator, you have many options to choose from when considering mortgage origination software. While having options is generally a good thing, it can be a little overwhelming to narrow it down.   After all, this system (also called a mortgage Loan Origination System or LOS) takes your team from application to closing. It manages … Read More

What Is a Mortgage Loan Processor and Why Should I Consider It as a Career?

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If you have ever applied for a loan (mortgage, car, small business), you have worked with a loan processor — probably without even realizing it!   But what exactly does a loan processor do? More specifically, what are the ins and outs of mortgage loan processing?   If you want to get into the mortgage industry and are considering mortgage … Read More