4 Ways Mortgage Broker Software from wemlo Helps with Lead Tracking and Client Retention

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4 Ways Mortgage Broker Software from wemlo Helps with Lead Tracking and Client Retention

Looking for mortgage broker software that actually helps you keep your clients happy and organized? Here’s why wemlo deserves your attention.

As a broker or LO, you have to keep a lot of balls in the air. To keep growing your business, you have to know where your leads are in your pipeline at all times, not to mention keeping up with industry news.

When you sign up with wemlo℠ you will have access to the following four tools that will help you stay organized and keep your clients happy.

Broker Dashboard

With wemlo’s simple online broker dashboard, brokers and LOs can get a full view of their pipeline all in one place. The dashboard aggregates your numbers, including year-to-date and month-in loans closed. You can see the year-to-date monetary value of your loans, as well as refis compared to purchases and total loans.

The loan status pie chart is another valuable part of our mortgage broker software—get a snapshot look at loans that are clear to close, conditional approvals, UWs submitted, and prequalified loans in your pipeline. All of your leads and in process borrowers can be accessed from the dashboard, too.

If you are tired of losing track of your mortgage business, the dashboard offers a level of organization and visibility that will help you capture and nurture leads and close more loans.

Client Questionnaire

Wemlo’s digital mortgage application helps brokers and LOs easily onboard new borrowers. All you have to do is get them to sign in and answer a few questions, and voila! you have a new lead.

Our client questionnaire is unintimidating for borrowers to navigate (just 5 questions is all it takes). Within the wemlo platform, once the borrower completes the questionnaire, providing personal, income, loan, property, and other pertinent information, you will receive an automated message indicating that the digital application is complete. That contact will then be added to your leads within the platform.

Borrower Document Uploading

Our mortgage broker software is made to do business however you do business, so once you decide on a workflow—whether you want to price a loan, import a 3.2, create a 1003, or launch a digital mortgage application—you can then start gathering documentation from your borrower through our document upload and request tool.

If you want the borrower to upload the documentation you need, you can send them an invite, which will take them to the borrower portal. There they can upload the correct documents. Safe and secure, unlike email.

If the borrower has already given you the documents you need, you can also upload them yourself securely through this tool.

wemlo Leads

As you generate a new lead and enter their info into the system, you will see that lead manifest in the wemlo leads section of your dashboard. This section is updated in real time, so if your lead uploads a document or messages you, you will see it directly on the dashboard.

If you want a more detailed look at one of your leads, you can click on the lead, and our processor and mortgage broker software will bring you to that lead’s page. On each lead page, you can request and upload documentation, see which documents are already uploaded, access the 1003 to restructure the deal, and re-run loan pricing. You also get a snapshot look at the lead’s Debt-to-Income ratio as well as other valuable information.

When you have everything that you need from your lead and you are ready to send it to us to perform the loan processing services, you can simply click “submit to wemlo.”

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