We Answer the Top 5 Questions MLOs Get About VA Loans

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There are many different home loan types on the market and borrowers might wonder about the pros, cons, and eligibility requirements of each. That means they’ll likely ask you, their mortgage loan originator, some questions. Here at wemlosm, we want to not only provide full solution loan processing but provide mortgage industry knowledge and education to our customers. We put … Read More

10 Tips for Keeping Your Home Office Tidy

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Whether you have a designated home office or work from your kitchen table, chances are that your desk gets a little … messy from time to time. And when you’re managing job responsibilities, kids’ school, pets, regular household duties, and anything else that might be on your plate, there is less time than ever to clean up your workspace. But … Read More

How Mortgage Loan Originators Can Use LinkedIn for Networking

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Whether you’re growing your social media strategy or still adjusting to working from home, you may have wondered just what LinkedIn can do for you as a mortgage loan originator. LinkedIn can be a powerful networking tool and, when used strategically, can simplify the professional relationship-building process. Because LinkedIn is known as a professional networking platform, there are potential opportunities … Read More

3 Keys to a Successful Outsourced Loan Processor Relationship

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While some mortgage brokerages have an in-house loan processor, many are looking to third-party processing companies to meet the needs of their growing pipelines. But the home loan process can be a very personal experience for borrowers, and mortgage loan originators (MLOs) may feel cautious about handing them off to an “outsider.” Establishing a positive relationship with your outsourced mortgage … Read More