5 Common Loan Processing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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As a mortgage loan processor, it is your responsibility to review the mortgage applications assigned to you, make sure borrowers have submitted the correct paperwork, and ensure that all the information in each application is accurate.   Loan processors serve an integral function in the mortgage industry — from verifying information to connecting the mortgage loan originator with the loan … Read More

4 Steps to Take to Become a Mortgage Loan Processor

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A mortgage loan processor is the intermediary party between the lender and the borrower, preparing and compiling paperwork for home loans. As the person responsible for organizing a borrower’s loan application materials — such as income information, monthly bills, and banking information — the loan processor is a critical part of the loan approval process. Are you interested in exploring … Read More

How to Optimize the Mortgage Loan Process

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Mortgage professionals want to close loans quickly, not only to secure new business but to increase borrower satisfaction. If borrowers feel well-cared for, they may be more likely to leave positive reviews, return for future services, and refer the mortgage professionals’ business to their friends. As a loan processor, you play a significant role in closing a mortgage loan more … Read More

3 Keys to a Successful Outsourced Loan Processor Relationship

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While some mortgage brokerages have an in-house loan processor, many are looking to third-party processing companies to meet the needs of their growing pipelines. But the home loan process can be a very personal experience for borrowers, and mortgage loan originators (MLOs) may feel cautious about handing them off to an “outsider.” Establishing a positive relationship with your outsourced mortgage … Read More

4 Ways Mortgage Broker Software from wemlo Helps with Lead Tracking and Client Retention

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4 Ways Mortgage Broker Software from wemlo Helps with Lead Tracking and Client Retention

Looking for mortgage broker software that actually helps you keep your clients happy and organized? Here’s why wemlo deserves your attention. As a broker or LO, you have to keep a lot of balls in the air. To keep growing your business, you have to know where your leads are in your pipeline at all times, not to mention keeping … Read More