How Mortgage Application Software and other Tech Will Help Lenders During and After the Pandemic

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How Mortgage Application Software and other Tech Will Help Lenders During and After the Pandemic

With stay-at-home orders and social distancing in effect for at least the immediate future, having mortgage application software and other technologies at your disposal as an MLO is increasingly important.

As companies across the country take precautions with work-from-home, now as the default rather than the exception, many more organizations are turning to automation to drive growth and efficiency.

Here are a few ways that mortgage application software and other industry tech are helping.

Automation Is Essential for Productivity

For companies that are still processing using paper to document loan origination, it is obvious by now that they are not operating with all the efficiency that they could be. Whether they have a large team of MLOs or are a sole operator working for themselves, these companies could benefit a lot from adopting technologies such as mortgage application software.

At wemlo, our industry-leading system allows brokers to keep an eye on all their KPIs in one place, which is essential if you want to set goals and grow your business.

Work from Anywhere with Everything at Your Fingertips

Now more than ever, it is critical for businesses to allow their employees to work from home. At this particular moment, it is a matter of health and safety, but moving forward, giving MLOs the freedom to originate from their home office will be a selling point for hiring new team members. Work-from-home can help reduce costs and boost company morale if deployed correctly.

Without mortgage application software to help keep your MLOs organized and on-track, there is no telling what will happen when they start to work from home.

Stay Connected with Clients and Colleagues

While we can say hello to one another from six feet away, many business interactions, whether internal between colleagues or between company representatives and clients, are taking place online. Video chat, email, direct messaging—these technologies are not going anywhere, even after we say goodbye to COVID-19.

Even before the pandemic, brokerages were adopting these technologies more and more. For that reason, we integrated technology directly into our platform, allowing those who use wemlo to keep their internal and external communications where they need them.

No Matter Where You Work, You Need to Tend to Your Clients

Loan origination requires a lot of attention, which means MLOs need to be available almost every second. As some states begin to ease lockdown restrictions, it’s going to be a while before in-person meetings are going to be possible. Why not invest in the technology you need now so you can continue to originate loans and drive growth?

Need another Reason to Try Our Mortgage Application Software?

Are you ready to take your mortgage business to the next level? Schedule a demo with us today to see why we can offer you the solution you are looking for. We have the largest contract processing network in the industry!

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