How Mortgage Loan Originators Can Use Twitter For Networking

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As a mortgage loan originator or mortgage broker, networking is an essential part of growing your business. While many professionals are taking advantage of the usual suspects, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter may also offer a wealth of untapped potential.


Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites today with 330 million users worldwide. Plus, a whopping 63% of Twitter users are between the ages of 35 and 65, which means a more mature target demographic for more high-level connections and, potentially, more business. After all, 40% of users reported purchasing something after seeing it on Twitter.


Here’s how to set yourself up for success, find the right followers, and grow your business with the help of Twitter.

Perfect Your Twitter Profile

Ensure your Twitter profile is complete, accurate, and current. Depending on your professional persona, this may include adding industry photos, your location, an informational bio, a professional headshot, and more. Also consider tweeting or retweeting relevant industry news or information. This adds currency, value, and professionalism to your profile while providing potential followers with context. Don’t forget to add your NMLS ID number because states consider a professional profile to be a form of advertising!


Find Twitter Followers

With a complete professional profile, it’s time to grow your network. First, utilize Twitter’s search feature to look up and follow your closest contacts, including friends, family, and current colleagues. This group of people is most likely to follow you back promptly, adding legitimacy to your profile. As your connections grow, you can begin following thought leaders, industry professionals, and other strangers you’d like to add to your network.


Throughout the process, don’t forget to continue tweeting and retweeting valuable and relevant industry information. Media, hashtags, and consistently helpful content can help attract newcomers to your page and encourage a follow.


Add a Personal Touch

When you request to follow strangers, particularly high-level professionals or thought leaders within the industry, consider following up with a tweet or direct message (DM). Be aware that privacy settings vary, so certain accounts will receive your messages even if they’re not following you, while others may not ever see your message.


Either way, you may want to send a tweet to say hello or DM the potential connection with a brief but personalized elevator pitch. Introduce yourself, share a little bit about your work, and explain why you feel compelled to follow them. If you can work in a mention of their specific industry, company, or position, they may be even more likely to return your follow and engage with your tweets.


Engage With Followers

Once you’ve built up a robust follower list, continuously engage with your audience. In order to build a healthy network, you’ll need to make contact with as many connections as possible on a regular basis.


Effective networking is less about the act of following and more about building meaningful relationships over time. Tag connections in relevant industry news articles, give their recent video a view, or simply make a point to like their recent tweets. Think about adding value wherever you can. Twitter is also a more conversational platform so it makes for a great place to spark a conversation in real-time.


Nurture and Grow Your Network

Create a habit of supporting your current contacts while seeking out new and interesting Twitter connections. Once you’ve successfully optimized your profile and developed a healthy list of followers, you’ve done much of the heavy lifting. Now, nurturing and growing your network will quickly become second nature.


Whether you’ve taken to tweeting like a duck to water or are just starting out, Twitter may play a key role in your networking strategy. You could significantly broaden your reach by simply completing a profile, building your following, and engaging with contacts whenever possible.


All it takes is that very first tweet.

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