How We’re Pioneering the Knowledge Work Cloud

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The Knowledge Work Cloud is changing the way mortgage loan officers (MLOs) do business. It is an up-and-coming platform that is taking the investment world by storm because it is simplifying the origination process by automating tedious, back-end work on a digital platform and freeing up time for MLOs to scale their business. This automation will only improve with time. In general, the more data that a knowledge work cloud platform stores, the easier the task becomes on the back end. Traditional manual processes like accounting, legal and now mortgage processing are able to be transformed such that a service center can process nationwide and even internationally. There really are no restrictions.  


And the more data that the Knowledge Work Cloud accumulates while completing these tasks, the more powerful the automation and AI can become. Loan Originations automation also has a network effect since the data one MLO provides, while kept completely confidential, improves the platform and allows it to empower the next MLO. The more data and volume the platform processes, the more it helps everyone. We are big supporters of the #brokersarebetter movement and believe that this automation is game-changing to help the MLO grow their business.


From our decades of mortgage lending experience, we have come to understand the pain points of an MLO’s workday, and we have created a platform that explicitly addresses each of these areas. We understand the needs of an MLO because we’ve been there! We knew what had to be fixed to make you more efficient.


Think about your functions as a loan originator. Outside of originating loans, your back-end processes today are probably disjointed. They’re swallowing up so much of your time—time that could be spent at your next networking event finding new customers. 


On top of the back-end processes, the mortgage loan origination industry is fragmented, creating gaps in communication and customer service related issues that demand attention and result in daily fire fighting. 


If you find yourself nodding along with the obstacles mentioned above, the knowledge work cloud can be the answer. 


How does it help you, the MLO?

Picture this in the future. You no longer need to manually create separate requests to multiple lenders to respond to scenarios. You no longer need to make a follow-up phone call after phone call to lenders and customers. You have automated support for decision making, rather than spending the time to figure out scenarios. Now you are seamlessly connected to all of your favorite lenders and can send out scenarios for their response in a single click. Your customers can also follow along with the process and feel comfortable that you have everything under control to make their date. Now imagine this future is happening today.


Wemlo is pioneering the Knowledge Work Cloud.

We are the first service cloud to touch the mortgage processing space. As industry experts, there’s no better group of individuals to take on this new and innovative task. 


Our motto is Processing with a Purpose, and that purpose is to help you get back to originating by automating the fragmented—and quite frankly, dated—processes in our industry. Tools such as our Scenario Help Desk and real-time communication tracker are sure to help create more time in your day to focus on growth. 


The Wemlo Knowledge Work Cloud becomes your back-end-in-a-box, with the technology, processes, and even loan processing team in place ready to support your next deal so that you can focus on your growth. And the cost is so nominal that it pays for itself within the first month!


Ready to get back to what you signed up for: originating loans?

If you’re ready to automate your process, eliminate disjointed back-end tasks, and grow your business, then schedule a demo to see the incredible value Wemlo can bring to your company by utilizing the knowledge work cloud.