Is Your Mortgage Software Provider Trustworthy?

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Is Your Mortgage Origination Software Provider Trustworthy?

As a mortgage broker or loan originator, you have many options to choose from when considering mortgage origination software. While the number of these options is a good thing — what product has not benefitted from a little competition? — it can be a little overwhelming to make a choice.

It should be easy, right? Just pick the best one and get to work.

The truth, however, is that you are not only picking a software for your company. You are also choosing a business relationship. As with any relationship, you need to be assured of a certain level of trust.

Can you say, honestly, that you trust your mortgage origination software provider? Here are four ways to gauge whether to put your trust in your choice.

Ease of Use

Mortgage software should be easy to use. It should be intuitive from the moment you set it up. Most software providers offer demos of their product to show customers just how easy their software is to implement, which can be an important step in the trust-building process.


Not only should the software you choose for your company be easy for your team to use, but it should also allow you to scale your business. You need your business to be flexible so you can grow as needed.

Wemlo allows and even supports business growth. From data collection to lead follow-up, you can actually use the features of our software to build your business.

Customer Service

You already know how critical it is to provide quality customer service—you do it every day. If you find an excellent mortgage origination software, but the company behind it doesn’t provide top-notch customer service, take that as a warning sign.

As soon as you hit a snag, you will be on your own.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our customer service. Not only do we assign our clients dedicated processors and account executives—we also offer concierge customer support through weHelp and Scenario Desk.

Experience That Is Not Afraid of Innovation

Experience is usually a sure sign that you can trust someone to do something right, and the mortgage industry is no exception. But longevity has a tendency to be unbending. When you don’t adapt to a changing landscape, you get left behind.

True experience is not scared to push for critical changes when they are necessary. That’s something that we know well at wemlo.

Mortgage Origination Software You Can Trust

At wemlo, we are always working and innovating in the mortgage processing space for you. Want to learn how our mortgage processing software has revolutionized the industry? Set up a demo with us to learn why you should trust us to take care of your business.

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