How The Right Mortgage Technology Can Help MLOs Overcome Hurricane Season 2020

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How The Right Mortgage Technology Can Help MLOs Overcome Hurricane Season 2020

With support from Wemlo’s mortgage technology and processing network, MLOs are in a better position to weather hurricane season.


As we mark the beginning of hurricane season this month, it’s critical for MLOs to start thinking ahead. Just imagine it: you have already put in the work for your client and are about to close. Then a major storm hits, the deal falls through, and you are left with nothing to show for all your hard work.


That’s wasted time you can’t get back, and we all know that wasted time means you are not growing your business. That’s time you could have spent originating or closing other loans.


Coronavirus Has Caused Widespread Unemployment, Affecting Home Sales. A Hurricane Could Make Things Worse.

To top it all off, the economy has been struggling because of COVID-19 this year. The current unemployment rate means that people are not spending as they usually do during the summer, and that means that home sales are not what they could be. Hurricane damage is not something that cities and smaller communities can handle right now.


If you want to ensure that your mortgage business continues unaffected this summer, here’s what you should know.


How Our Mortgage Technology Can Help You Prepare for Uncertainty

At Wemlo, we have developed the tech that you need to not only survive the uncertainty of hurricane season but thrive during it. Here’s how it can help you.


Take Advantage of High Demand

Despite the current state of the economy, mortgage rates are at an all-time low, which means we are seeing an increase in demand for new home loans and refinancing. To stay ahead of the curve, you need to be able to do what you do best—originate and close home loans.


With support from our mortgage technology platform and the nation’s largest processing network, you can keep up with the demand without skipping a beat.


Focus Energy Where It Counts the Most

What’s the worst part of being an MLO? Is it the paperwork and red tape? We thought so. With automation solutions from Wemlo, you can cut through it all and keep building your business. When there’s a hurricane on the horizon, you need to be able to focus your energy.


Communicate with Your Network More Efficiently

We know how important communication is for MLOs and their clients. That’s why our mortgage technology platform incorporates solutions to common communication problems. On our platform, you can choose to display all calls, texts, emails, and messages in one place, making communication more efficient and transparent.


Keep Your Pipeline Full

Even if you have trouble closing during hurricane season, your business depends on your ability to keep your pipeline healthy. You need to continue building relationships through your referral network, and that takes time and effort. With the right mortgage technology platform, you won’t have to worry about wasted time or effort as much.


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