What’s the Key to Broker Productivity? Having the Right Mortgage Processing Technology and Support

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Mortgage Processing Technology Broker Smiling while on the phone

Productivity is essential for any business to grow to its potential, and for mortgage brokers, efficiency is no less important. The more loans you close, the more revenue you bring in—it’s as simple as that. So, is there a magic bullet that can help you improve your business’s performance? A smart place to start is investing in the right mortgage … Read More

4 Ways Mortgage Broker Software from wemlo Helps with Lead Tracking and Client Retention

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4 Ways Mortgage Broker Software from wemlo Helps with Lead Tracking and Client Retention

Looking for mortgage broker software that actually helps you keep your clients happy and organized? Here’s why wemlo deserves your attention. As a broker or LO, you have to keep a lot of balls in the air. To keep growing your business, you have to know where your leads are in your pipeline at all times, not to mention keeping … Read More

As a Mortgage Loan Originator, Here’s What to Tell Your Clients About Buying A Bigger House

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mansion with palm trees and blue sky mortgage loan originator

As a mortgage loan originator, you have a unique perspective when it comes to upgrading to a bigger home. With interest rates at record lows right now, buying a larger home is an excellent option for many people, you can help your clients come to a decision with your expertise. It’s not a decision to take lightly, so advise your … Read More

The Mortgage Rate Forecast Is Still Positive: 2 Essential Things You Should Know

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mortgage rate forecast

Overall, the mortgage rate forecast for September is positive, with rates continuing to fall, though some factors could slow the downward projection and even cause rates to rise slightly. As the Federal Reserve held it’s monthly meeting last week, 30-year fixed-rate mortgages were at 2.977% and 15-year fixed-rate mortgages remained at 2.541%. Here are three things you should know for … Read More

Are You a Mortgage Originator? How to Make Your Business Irresistible to First-Time Homebuyers

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first time homebuyer mortgage originator

If you are a mortgage originator and you want to attract first-time homebuyers, you must stand out from your competitors. These tips will help you differentiate your business and draw in clients who are new to the market. First-time buyers account for a large portion of the realty market. In 2019, according to the National Association of Realtors (“NAR”), they … Read More