How Can MLOs Offer Personalized Service at Scale?

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Offer exceptional, personalized service tailored to each client or take on as much work as possible?


It’s the double-edged sword we have in our industry. As a mortgage loan originator, you’re dealing with clients who are making the biggest purchase of their life. They’re nervous and they expect you to be by their side the entire time.


For some of us, being there is one of the best parts of our job. But for others, it’s simply not possible to provide that exceptional level of personalized service most clients expect.


So what can you do? What’s the best route to take when you’re trying to scale your MLO business but you’re stuck at this crossroads?


The end result: it’s essential to provide a great customer experience. Otherwise, you risk seeing your business falter.


Here are some ways to do so.


Provide unconventional options

You’re a mortgage loan originator but your services don’t need to stop there. If you have clients who are struggling with coming up with a down payment or are unfamiliar with the closing process, share some advice. You may not be the direct contact for them with regard to these areas, but showing that you care enough will instill a level of trust. 


If you have industry connections, introduce those professionals to the clients who need them. A referral can go a long way when it comes to both parties.


Providing unconventional options as a means of providing personalized services is especially useful for new brokerages looking to build a clientele.


Be available when others are not

You need to have a work-life balance—this is important. But while your personal time is important, so is your dedication to personalized service to your clients.


How can you do this? By answering calls and emails when other MLOs will not, you prove a valid point to your client base. You show that you not only care about them, but you care about your job. This can actually result in customers calling you less since they truly believe that you are doing the work you claim to be doing.


Have constant communication with all parties

If you abide by the last bullet and Be available when others are not, you will find that answering questions promptly can make an even deeper impact.


Maintaining consistent communication with all parties involved allows you to know everything that’s going on—where each loan is in the origination process. When you know this information, you can be prepared to answer any questions that come your way.


As a bonus, knowing this information allows you to relay the information to the customer before they even have a chance to call you—talk about making a great impression.


Personalized automation

Automation is an important part of the MLO process when looking to scale, but you can’t let it carve away the personalized service you provide.


To help the growth of your business, you can choose to use automation tools while continuing to keep a personal touch. Rather than have to reach out to each individual person involved in the origination process as mentioned in Have constant communication with all parties, a quality automation tool can do so, leaving you with the results in an easy-to-use platform.


Personalized service is one of the keys to a successful career as an MLO

The second your workload starts interfering with customer service, your business is in jeopardy. The mortgage broker business is a relationship-based business. Automating back-end processes allows you to free up the time to network and scale your business while your loans still keep moving through the pipeline.