Straight From the Customer’s Mouth: “We Value Their Partnership.”

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Bill Mullan has been a mortgage loan originator since 2016 and a wemlo℠ customer since November of 2020. Before then, his office primarily used an in-house loan processor, but an increase in volume drove a need for additional support. Additionally, their loan processor had to take a medical leave, so having the option to bring in outside processors was a huge benefit, Mullan said.

“It all started just based out of volume and her pipeline was too much,” Mullan explained. “She did a great job, but she also had an abundance of volume at that time. So that’s how it [our relationship with wemlo] started … I would say right now, 90% of our files are going through wemlo. And that’s where it is today. So, we shifted from the majority of our files being in-house over to pretty much only using wemlo as our system.”

They Feel Like Part of Our Team

Even though Mullan has only worked with the team at wemlo for a couple of months, he’s already developed wonderful working relationships.

“In most cases, they feel like a part of our team. We have those of us that have used them a little more and we’ve learned the software, we can get files to them quickly, and we get a quick response. Their diligence and quickness to get started on files is greatly appreciated,” he said.

With an increase in business comes an increase in workload. With each new client, there is more paperwork to be done, more phone calls to be made, more statuses to monitor, and more administrative work in general.

All of this carves out a significant portion of an MLO’s workday, often leaving little time for the customers themselves. And for the borrower, may lead to a less-than-positive review regarding the level of service they’ve experienced.

Being able to automate many of these back-end tasks will clear time in your schedule to be able to accommodate these borrowers. In turn, happier clients will follow. And as we all know, satisfied customers may lead to future business through referrals.

That’s where wemlo comes in. We take some of these tasks off the MLO’s plate so they can focus on what really matters — keeping their current borrowers happy and having time to focus on bringing in new business.

Everyone’s Making an Effort to Help Us Close Loans More Effectively

Mullan appreciates that wemlo’s #teamlo keeps the process moving without him having to check-in or ask — though our transparent dashboard makes it easy to follow along and check loan statuses — which makes life easier for both him and his borrowers.

“They’re very effective in making sure that things are staying on target and staying on top of title companies, borrowers, and keeping me informed. I’ve gotten to know them as individuals, and they’re people that I enjoy working with. And for what we do, people will work with people they like, and everyone’s friendly, everyone’s responsive, everyone’s making an effort to help us close loans more effectively,” he said.

We Value the Relationship

While there is always room for improvement, Mullan said any issue is resolved quickly. He also has weekly pipeline meetings, which he called “helpful and beneficial” and keeps the customer and wemlo team in sync.

In summary? It’s simple: “We value the relationship.”

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