The History of Mortgage Lending Discrimination

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A piece of paper, assumedly a mortgage application, has "Loan Denied" stamp. Title is shown as "the History of Mortgage Lending Discrimination.":.

Taking a Look at the Evolution of Equitable Housing Legislation   While homeownership equality has progressed over the decades, the real estate industry has a long and unfortunate history of painful discrimination. From redlining to racially restrictive deed covenants, much of the homebuying industry in the 20th century was characterized by extreme exclusion, the aftershocks of which are still felt … Read More

Industry Roundup: Our Favorite Mortgage Blogs

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While staying in the know is important in most industries, remaining up-to-speed on the latest news and trends is paramount for mortgage professionals. But believe us, we know how you hustle to keep up with your jam-packed schedule. At the same time, mortgage news seems to have a new update every few hours, making it particularly challenging to keep up … Read More

Q1 2022 Wrap-Up: What Happened in the Mortgage Industry?

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Q1 2022 what happened in the mortgage industry

Between COVID-19 restrictions easing across the nation and gradually rising home interest rates, the first quarter of 2022 will certainly be one to remember. Now that Q2 is nearly here, MLOs may need to determine the next steps for their business and, in the twenty-first century, that often involves adopting some new tech.   Before officially gearing up for another … Read More

How Technology is Changing the Mortgage Industry

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The mortgage industry has occasionally been considered clunky, slow-to-respond, or confusing. For example, a June 2021 survey highlighted gaps in the average American’s mortgage knowledge, including an understanding that escrow could factor into closing costs and how pre-qualification plays a role.   Within the last two years though, amid a global pandemic and record-housing boom, the industry as a whole … Read More