Want More Mortgage Leads? You Need to Spend Some Time in a Buyer’s Shoes

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Want More Mortgage Leads? You Need to Spend Some Time in a Buyer’s Shoes

A large percentage of the time that most MLOs spend trying to grow their business is dedicated to finding mortgage leads. Lead generation can be time-consuming, hard work, but when it pays off, all that effort is worth it.

As it is in other industries, discovering leads as a mortgage professional means finding a balance between keeping up with new methods of lead generation and sticking to those tried-and-true methods of yesterday. What’s the right balance, you ask?

The answer depends on how much you can afford to invest in your marketing, who you are targeting, and your ability to get into your potential-clients’ mindset.

To get more mortgage leads, you need to not only slip on your audience’s shoes but walk a mile or two in them, as well.

Create Content That Actually Solves a Problem

Anyone involved in growing a business today knows that content is a great way to attract new clients. You need to leverage your website (if you don’t have one, now is the time), your social media profiles, and your online marketing to create value for your client.

How do you do that?

You solve a problem.

Write an article that offers real, valuable tips for first time homebuyers. After you publish it on your site, promote it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and wherever else you business has digital real estate. If you do this consistently and with skill, you can build your business on your expertise alone.

Tap into Your Potential-Clients’ Emotions

As an MLO, you need to understand what your clients and potential-clients are feeling when they go through the home buying process. What frustrates them? What gives them joy? You need to tap into their emotions, especially when you are creating content, if you want to grow your mortgage leads.

Ask for Reviews

Good reviews are like Miracle-Gro to a business. If getting more leads is your goal, then you need to encourage your clients to leave you reviews. Google is the best place to send your happy clients because most people prefer Google to other search engines. As soon as you close for one of your clients, send them an email asking for a review.

Don’t Underestimate Good Old-Fashioned Advertising

While online and digital lead generation are the future, you can’t discount any strategies until you try them. You might think that putting your face on a bench or a billboard won’t have a high ROI, but you might be surprised.

The important thing is that you put the face of your business out there. The more people recognize you, the more they will trust you. In fact, one of the most reliable ways to get new leads is by networking with other real estate professionals such as real estate agents. Being recognizable will go a long way when you introduce yourself at the next networking lunch.

Ready for a seamless way to close for your clients and track mortgage leads? Talk to us today about how we can help.

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