What Tops the Mortgage Process Checklist for Home Buyers?

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As an MLO, your lifeblood is the clients you serve. Those in search of homeownership come to you for assistance and you, in turn, take your expertise and run with it. Your client puts their faith in you and you know you’ll exceed their expectations.


But what are their expectations? What tops their mortgage process checklist? What’s their top priority?


For you, the MLO, there are many processes in place and each one is as vitally important as the other. After all, originating a loan works in step-by-step fashion and one misstep could cause the entire assembly line to come to an abrupt halt.


Your customer isn’t aware of that, though. They don’t see all the paperwork involved. They don’t see all the calls you have to make and the tasks you have to stay up on. What they want is the end result. And this is becoming more and more true with each passing day, as technology pushes the boundaries of what we are able to accomplish.


These advances are what caused customers to declare in a recent Ellie Mae survey that speed sits atop their mortgage process checklist.


They simply want things done fast.


How your customer sees a mortgage process checklist

Their tasks begin way before they come in contact with you, the loan originator. Your potential customer is out there before you even know it. They browse online listings, contemplate, get pre-qualification letters, research neighborhoods and school districts, then find the right real estate agent.


By the time a customer reaches you, they’re ready for the process to close. They want you to turn things around quickly so they can get into the home they’ve been dreaming about for weeks—or even months—now.


In the eyes of the buyer, a long period between steps in their mortgage process checklist creates room for things to go wrong.


Ways you can speed up the process

A quick and convenient process is what all customers desire. And more happy customers means more referrals for you.


  Be available. In a competitive mortgage broker market, it’s vital to be available to your customers when they need you. Gone are the days of office doors closing and clients not expecting you to be working at odd hours. Today, your customers want answers quickly and expect you to be there to answer them.

  Be personable. It’s just as critical as being available. Being personable with the people who are looking to make a major purchase will pay dividends. It will instill a level of trust, thus resulting in less status update calls. If a client has faith in you, they won’t be worrying so much about the structure in place.

  Automate your process. As the leading processing network for MLOs, we’ve helped to rapidly close loans, leading to repeat customers for our users. We are a system designed by former MLOs so we know the pain points of your workday and have created a solution. Learn more here.


Great MLOs are able to take a step back from time to time and realize that the mortgage process checklist for a customer is a critical one. They aren’t in the trenches with us, going through day-to-day operations, so they aren’t aware of the many steps needed to close a loan. It is our job to communicate these processes.


Through automation tools and constant communication, you can relieve the stresses of your customer and free up time to speed up the loan origination process.