What’s the Key to Broker Productivity? Having the Right Mortgage Processing Technology and Support

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Productivity is essential for any business to grow to its potential, and for mortgage brokers, efficiency is no less important. The more loans you close, the more revenue you bring in—it’s as simple as that. So, is there a magic bullet that can help you improve your business’s performance? A smart place to start is investing in the right mortgage processing technology and support.

Here are a few ways wemlo can help.

Tracking Your Loans – Lead to Processing

The wemlo broker dashboard allows you to get a full view of your pipeline so you can keep track of leads and current borrowers. On the right side of the dashboard, you can see the leads and in processing widgets that display this information.

Once you or your mortgage loan originators submit a lead for processing through our mortgage processing technology, you will see that contact move from your leads area to the in processing section of your dashboard. The in processing section of the dashboard works like the leads section—each borrower is listed with notifications visible in the dashboard. Click on these notifications, and you can respond to any messages as well as approve and reject any loan estimates you receive from our loan processors.

You can also dig deeper into a loan by clicking the borrower you want to explore. Each borrower has an in processing page that displays a wealth of information, from the loan history to pending conditions and communications.

Scenario Help Desk to Wemlo Lead

The Scenario Help Desk helps brokers and MLOs solve difficult problems on tough deals. Instead of sending a separate message to all of your lenders, you can save time by selecting which lenders you want to communicate with inside the tool and send each of them a personalized message with whatever questions you have.

All of the lender account executives you choose to send a message to will receive a notification and you will hear back from them in a flash!


If you are using our platform to deliver for your borrowers, you’ll need support if you run into any challenges. That’s why we created weHelp. Let’s say you have an escalation you need our help with right away. Simply click on weHelp, located on the broker dashboard. After entering the information for the borrower and the problem you need help with, click submit. Someone from our team will contact you in short order to work through the problem with you.

Borrower Portal

Secure and easy to use, wemlo’s borrower portal is a revolutionary platform that connects borrower, processor, and mortgage broker. Need some documents from your borrower? You can request them right from this portal, and your borrower can rest assured that the information they upload will remain confidential.

You can also communicate with your borrower directly through the borrower portal to keep the mortgage process moving forward.

Ready to Learn More about Our Mortgage Processing Technology?

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